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An intuitive and beautiful DAW for regular people and developers.

AX is a platform created by Alain Galvan & Kennet Postigo, it was created in order to facilitate the creation, collaboration, and consumption of music, by producers and creators for producers and creators. AX is the next generation of Music Creation applications that provides a beautiful minimalistic user interface that anyone can use to create vibrant music. AX is meant to be affordable so that any kid in any country has the opportunity to produce high quality music.


  • Create your own VSTs - Create VSTs with React & ES modules, and load them dynamically!
  • Remote Performances - Collaborate with other musicians remotely with Web Sockets.
  • Amazing Standard Instruments - Play with GPU powered Synthesizers that accurately model E-Pianos, Harps, Chirptunes, etc.

GPU Synthesizer

Super Mario Audio

With a custom redux library, some raw WebGL, and a synthesizer shader, we've created a GPU powered synthesizer that allows for complex sounds powered by shaders.

Built with:

  • React - A Library for Creating Functional User Interfaces

  • Redux - A Predictable State Management Library

  • Immutable - A library of Persistent Immutable Data Structures

  • React-Router - A complete routing solution for Single Page React applications

  • TypeScript - A superset of JavaScript that adds types and autocomplete

  • WebGL - Khronos' port of the OpenGL specification to the Web

  • WebMIDI - A new specification that adds midi support to the web

  • WebAudio - A way to generate and manage audio in a raw format

  • Babel - A robust Javascript Transpiler

  • Eslint - A pluggable linting utility for Javascript

  • Express - Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for Node.js

  • Webpack - A Module Bundler


  • You have node v6.0.0+ and npm v3.8.0+

Project Scripts

# Run flow to test your typing
npm run flow

# Develop with
npm run build

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