All over the world, people are forced to change their lifestyles, undergoing discomfort, anxiety, and other emotional sufferings due to the fear of illness, uncertainty about the future and the general economic situation. This is compounded by negative media reports as well as a sharp decline in direct social contacts for an indefinite period. The level of anxiety is increasing and people need additional emotional resources to cope with it.

We can help:

  • People undergoing stress, including those in the current coronavirus epidemic situation
  • People who are isolated or restricted from real contacts, quarantined ones
  • People undergoing prolonged painful treatment
  • Women during pregnancy and also during the postpartum period

What it does

Audiotouch is an application that selects playlists based on user needs based on the results of testing and analysis by a psychologist. We’ve created an app that provides a user with an individually compiled playlist matching the situation and one's emotional needs. The playlist consists of short fragments of instrumental classical music. Playlists are constructed based on the psychological effects of music. Audiotherapy contains musical fragments that are perceived equivalently by people of various nationalities who are brought up in common European musical tradition. We believe we can share our experience with the general public. The user will also have the possibility to communicate remotely with the psychologist and to correct the playlist if necessary.

How We built it

About the audio therapy technique

We have developed the audio therapy technique for people who receive exhausting medical procedures (hemodialysis). Playlists are created by a team that includes psychologists, psychotherapists, music experts. The audio therapy technique is based on musicological characteristics (means of musical expression). Orientation to tonality (major-minor), tempo (fast, moderate, slow), harmony, melody, the cantilever of the musical piece, stability or instability of the rhythm, the presence or absence of sudden ups or downs in the fragment, the presence or absence of dissonances or consonances, the dynamics of the fragment, instrumentation of the fragment that creates certain emotional states and moods while listening. Playlists also include the sounds of nature, providing a harmonizing and relaxing effect (birdsong, water sound etc.). The playlists are compiled individually based on the results of psychological tests the user takes. The scientific research has been conducted in several hemodialysis clinics (Saint Petersburg, Russia). We received a patent in 2015. The application is currently being tested at the Emergencies Ministry clinic in St. Petersburg.


  • We are using Flutter +Dart for cross-platform software development,
  • Figma for prototyping and UI design
  • QuickBlox engine for on-line chat

Challenges We ran into

For users who experience anxiety, it is important to have no distracting factors when working with the application. We should avoid complex design, uncomfortable colour schemes, illogical use etc.

We developed the design layout and logic of the app from scratch within the existing time frame. Above mentioned requirements have been taken into account.

The special shuttle was organized. Comfortable chat integrated to give a possibility of a dialogue with a psychologist. We would need to develop a second additional mini-application to communicate individually with the user.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

Today we have the first prototype. There is still work to be done before the project is finalized.

We are also proud of the well-coordinated work of our team. Our team includes specialists from different fields - psychologists, psychotherapists, music therapists, designers, developers, marketing specialists, managers.

What We learned

For many members of our team, this was their first experience in the hackathon. Working almost non-stop for 72 hours as a team was a new exciting experience and we were cheered up with the process, the interaction and the result. To implement the prototype, we had to deal with some new technology and go a little deeper into psychological testing.

What's next for Audiotouch - music against isolation

We continue working on this project. Next steps: 1) To implement the full version of testing and the algorithm for selecting playlists based on testing (based on a verified technique) in the application

2) To organise a full-fledged online chat with a psychologist

3) To increase the variety of playlists and musical compositions (based on special requirements - tonality, rhythm, genre)

4) To collect and analyse the data to improve the technique for the selection/adjustment of playlists (for example ML will increase the speed and improve the quality of definition of playlists). To implement machine learning to collect and analyse the data for better selection/adjustment of playlists and methodology improvements

5) Modify a user-friendly interface

6) Distribute the application through various channels (to provide help to all those who need it).

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