I am an international software engineering student. When you are taking classes or on a meeting in another country, you need a way to understand new words as you hear them. Until this app, the only way to achieve that was to either ask the person who is talking or record the whole speech and review it later.

What it does

It records the last 30 seconds with the tap of a button* and it automatically transcribes the recording. *or a press of a button if you have a Pebble smartwatch.

How I built it

Android Studio, Pebble smartwatch, VSTS plugin.

Challenges I ran into

I ran through almost every challenge one can imagine, because I had no idea how to write code or develop a new product when I came up with this idea 4 years ago. More recently, I had a hard time exporting the files to the VSTS git repository. I was able to make the example from the online tutorial work but couldn't get my won project on the cloud. Also couldn't implement Mechanical Turk with Java just yet. I have a Python version of this project that does the trick with Mechanical Turk but I couldn't get it to work with Android Studio yet.

Also, I was not able to select the Android App prize (option was not available on DevPost, see picture.)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I will not be satisfied until I implement automatic transcription.

What I learned

Never, never give up.

What's next for Audios: conquer the world

Make sure it doesn't crash and that the users actually understand how to use it from the moment they find and download it. It must be self explanatory.

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