In my mind there's nothing sexier than a girl who likes the same obscure artists I do. Recently I had been experimenting with the popular dating app, Tinder, but noticed that although I was finding ample physical matches, I never felt a connection to the people I chatted up unless we happened upon just the right topic. A good dating app doesn't leave that stuff to chance; a good dating app puts the spark that starts your relationship right in front of you, but without the boring long process of filling out a sheet with all your interests like some dating sites. Audiophiles makes the musical matching process simple by providing a slick interface that uses the API, letting you know to pinpoint accuracy how compatible your music tastes are with a peer. It's this accuracy that we think makes our app great. It doesn't loosely categorize, it gives the user complete control over the people they choose from. This app is great for people who love music, but aren't satisfied leaving that perfect conversation topic to chance.

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