Analyzing the main content of an issue can sometimes be difficult, as different IT and Business Teams works with different tools including analysis of issues via plain text, email, sms text message etc.

I introduce Audio, Voice and Screen Recording tools to make issue analysis, presentations, understanding etc. easy, fast and awesome.

What it does

It is an application that allow Jira Users to easily record Audio, Videos, Screen etc. and then Download, share and or attach it directly to Jira Issues all from within your Jira Applications.

Once the Application is Installed, The User can do

1.)Audio Recording
2,)Video Recording
3.)Screen Recording

A User can choose to perform any of the above recording directly from Jira Platform. Once recording is done, the User Click on Stop Recording and will be presented with the two major options

1.) Download, Share and Attach Recorded Files (Option 1):
The Download options allow users to download and Share or Manually attached Recorded Audio, Video and Screens to Jira Issues. This option is very good as you can download and share your Recorded data without hitting Jira Instance attachment storage limit.

2.) Directly Attach Recorded Files to Jira Issues (Option 2):

This option allow Users to directly attach Recorded Audio, Video and Screens to Jira Issues via Forge API.

Using This option has Bugs with Forge API. Currently, Forge API for Attachment of Files eg. Images, Audio, Videos etc. to issues causes Files Preview Not Available after being uploaded to your Jira Issues Instance. It Currently works for only .txt files. We Hope Forge Engineers will work on this bug to ensure that binary files can be attached to issues without problem. I have submitted a bug report feedback to that effect.

About Data Storage and Privacy

All data are store on your Atlassian Jira Instance. No data is saved or stored on our end.

How we built it

Built with Forge Custom UI, Jira Issues API and Atlaskit Design

Challenges we ran into

Getting Binary Files, Blobs, Audio, Videos etc. to be attached to Jira Issues via Forge API is still challenging. As I stated above, there is a bug in the Forge Attachment API for Jira Issues. Currently file attachment to Jira Issues works only for .txt files.

We Hope Forge Engineers will work on this bug to ensure that binary files can be attached to issues without problem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building Audio, Screen and Video Recording System for Jira Issues

What we learned

It is good learning Forge Custom UI

What's next for Audio-Video-Screen-Recorder for Jira Issues.

Many More Features Coming soon... Publishing the App to Market Place

Built With

  • atlaskit-design
  • forge-custom-ui
  • jira-issues
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