When did a video game last make you listen? Not hear, but listen. We wanted to create a gaming experience that would feel fresh and allow you to engage a sense that is often used so passively.

We also wanted to make it simple to understand so that anyone could use it. The game of Pong has been around for so long and we think that our game is so intuitive that you only need to watch someone play for a few seconds before you know everything to jump in yourself

We chose to make it a mobile web app since the market is so large and we wanted to make it very accessible - not requiring any extra peripherals or fast hardware.

A few notes about using the game:

  • The game is designed to be locked in portrait mode and uses the accelerometer so gets confused if it isn't
  • The phone or tablet is to be held vertically facing you and tilted left, right, and held in the middle - this is reflected by the screen colour which will turn red if you at at the left, black in the middle, and blue on the right
  • In order to calibrate yourself to detect where the ball is, there is a visual representation on the screen which will gradually fade out as you continue to successfully deflect the ball
  • So far, we have had a few issues getting the game to run reliably in Chrome on iOS but it is working fine in Chrome for Android and with more time we would expect to get a consistent experience across the platforms!
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