Something which drives me is the way we collaborate we people. Metabob got those .

What it does

Well not something rocket science . It just plays songs.We needed to work on the frontend didn't got time and thought to stay authenticated(if you know what i mean ! ;).

How we built it

we used django framework which is based on the famous python lang... .also used simple web dev tools like chrome dev tolls and html5,css3,javascript.

Challenges we ran into

the time limit of course !!. We tried our best to work on frontend but at the same time to make it responsive and deployable. We tried to use heruko cloud services but something went wrong.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To be able to complete in time whatever the excuses we wrote above, and proud to didn't turn our back and tried to finish it.

What we learned

leadership, technical stuffs like the backend dev meets the front and viceversa.

What's next for Web MusicPlayer

we thinkin' to make it more responsive ; work on the frontend and try another time if we not get into it .

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