Inspiration Being mostly focused on the digital and microprocessor area, I wanted to explore the analog side of EE! Based on my expeirineces in Lab 2, I felt I had a good foundation to begin exploring audio mixing with the use of filters and amplifiers. What the circuit does is take an input audio signal through a 3.5mm jack, amplifies the signal, distorts the audio wave through a low pass filter so that only the bass passes, and then projects back through speakers! This circuit was designed and built during the hackathon, though the idea and parts were obatined before hand. I was amazed at all the issues with noise and biasing that rose - there was so much noise that currently the circuit does not function completely (only the positive side of the amplifier section works, and the filter is still a WIP). However, I am proud that I have delved into exploring more into analoge and continue fine tuning the circuit!

Built With

  • capacitors
  • feedback
  • potentiometers
  • power-amplifiers
  • resistors
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