How to use music to change a crowd's mood?

We are organizing many workshops for our colleagues, e.g. scrum trainings incl. agile games. Feedback: the training is great, but the background music sucks! There are just two of us and we would prefer to focus on the training instead of looking for a good playlist. We would like a machine to take over this job for us! We need a tool which help us to change the mood of the participants using music in order to motivate the teams during agile games.

Other use cases

EVENT VENUES Using music we could make sure to set the crowd in the right mood according to the venue style and purpose.

YOUTUBERS Based on the mood of the people visible in your vlog, we could automatically create the perfect soundtrack for your clip.

REDUCE VIOLENCE Play the right music to prevent certain behaviour. e.g. underground stations.

How we built it

MICROSOFT FACE RECOGNITION API Using Microsoft API face recognition we can predict the mood of the crowd. We focused on happy, neutral and sad.

UI AND LOGIC IN PYTHON / MAX MSP The user can set the targeted mood of the crowd and the genre, and decide whether they would like to use a Spotify playlist or generate music.

SPOTIFY MUSIC METADATA We use information like energy, danceability, key, valance.

MODULAR SYNTHESIZERS To dynamically generate soundscapes.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the Microsoft API to work, refreshing on Python on the fly, defining smart mappings between Microsoft and Spotify APIs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A full working system with two different audio engines, completing our scope, and roadmap for improvements.

What we learned

How to work as a team, how to translate mood into sonic landscapes and track selection, working with APIs

What's next for Audio Mirror

LEARNING MECHANISM Learning what type of music best influences the mood change.

MULTICAMERA We could integrate multiple visual sources.

MULTIZONE For multipurpose venues, e.g. to set different music in each zone in a venue.

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