Writing a diary is a good habit of self-expression. An audio diary is another way of keeping a journal, and it is favourable to those who lost the ability to read and write.

Inspired by various audio diary apps, we would like to take a step further to guide users on daily reflections by integrating a chatbot and integrating sediment analysis to monitor their mental wellbeing.

What it does

A chatbot and sediment analysis integrated audio diary

How we built it

  • Chatbot development using Dialogflow

  • Backend development with Node js

Challenges we ran into

Over half of our team has no experience in AI, we spent a lot of time learning the related principles

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a functional prototype!

What we learned

We learn a lot about API integration

What's next for Audio diary

  • Speech to text record

  • Support image/ video

  • Sediment analysis using Natural Language API

Built With

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