My inspiration is Spotify and Shazam

What it does

It's a video and Audio downloading App , users can know the song their friends are listening to

How we built it

We build it using django (python) as Backend , jQuery , HTML , CSS, For frontend and Android webview for the mobile app

Challenges we ran into

It's a one man team , so their is time limit and I developed it using my phone (Tecno spark 4) using pydroid, termux, sketchware pro and acode editors and deployed on heroku using git

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We accomplished building a functioning Backend and Front end

What we learned

We learnt about JavaScript and Firebase Cloud console

What's next for Audifye , developer monetization and user experience using Theta protocol and HI-FI audio streaming on Audifye

We are Oasis Inc , a company found by minors back in 2015 our aim is to visualize learning and audio technology on the web with the rise of pwa , we have been able to enhance the way audio and streaming on the web works.

Audifye is an audio streaming website created by Our CEO Oguntunde Caleb

Audifye allow users to stream audio / podcast on the web just like they would do on a mobile app, using the popular framework django and javascript framework "Vuejs", we have been able to visualize the way Web api's works by putting them into use on our website.

Listen to audio and also downloading them, is made a reality using the latest technology indexeddb and the web audio api for playback by the web.

Service worker have been put into good use by the programmer to enable offline use of the website.

Django is a webframework built with python , our most used programming language is C++ , but python have prove it usefulness with the help of Django , django plays a very vital role when coding the website , JSON is being servered to the front end and being parsed by JavaScript , Frontend framework used is VueJs , which feature the best of React and Angular .

The website is build with the Model "MVP" , users can create account with their social network or email address

Function of the website

•Users can register using their social accounts or email •Users can create library and sync them to their accounts •Users can request for an artist account •Users can download audio for offline listening •Offline usage of the website is possible with the help of "progressive web application"

Built With

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