BeatSwitch is a company that is active in the festival industry. We have been focussing on intelligent planning tools (production -, asset-, artist-, transport-, ... management) for 100+ major festivals worldwide (Live Nation, Tomorrowland, EDC, Lollapalooza, Melt! Festival, Dockville, ...). As we are a loyal tech partner for these promoters we get more questions about their festival visitor data and come up with interesting solutions that can give them deeper audience insights. This weekend is besides a team building weekend, a first step of coming up with interesting proposition and solutions for the demand we have.

What it does

With Audience Insights we want to leverage streaming data to get deeper audience insights for the festival promoter. Our platform will create segments based on demographics, streaming behaviour, liked artists, popular genres, etc .... Those segments will be automatically matched with brands that can relate to those audiences. In that way the festival promoter has a great proposition to discover new partners and give them a better ROI and increase their sponsor deals. For brands its gives an opportunity to use those segments to optimise their ad spend.

How I built it

With a computer and wifi ;-) Sorry we were a little tired at the moment we commented this.

Challenges I ran into

Not smashing each others brain out ;-) Challenged ourselves to use new technologies and frameworks

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

If we get through the night and deliver what we had in our mind, that would be awesome.

What's next for Audience Connect

No specific plans yet. Maybe we take this MVP to a couple of customers and see if we can validate or tweak the idea.

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