Due to the ongoing pandemic, we have been increasingly using our electronics to look at various screens. Our inspiration is to create an application that allows the user to hear tweet updates instead of reading them on a screen. This helps users reduce screen time usage while keeping them updated on the world around them.

What it does

  1. Asks user for Twitter username.
  2. Gathers the 5 most recent tweets of specified user.
  3. Calls on registered phone number and speaks out tweets in Twilio’s default voice.

How we built it

Written in python language, we use Tweepy Library to fetch Twitter API for tweets and feed that data to Twilio API which in turn calls users and plays the tweets.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Limited input for cellphone numbers given we did not have a premium Twilio account.
  2. Creating a virtual environment proved challenging.
  3. Editing Twilio's own xml language (TwiML) to customize message.

Accomplishments/What we learned

  1. How to use Twitter API using Tweepy Library.
  2. How to use Twilio API and customize the default message to be played.
  3. How to authenticate the API using various secret tokens.
  4. Learned to collaborate and communicate.

What's next for Audible Tweet Fun

Possible additional functionalities:

  1. Deploy an app or website that users can visit and initiate calls
  2. Add functionality for user to register their own cell #
  3. Create a virtual environment to encrypt our API credentials
  4. Add functionality to schedule daily tweet updates

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