There are lots of AR system these days but it always focused on the visual side. However, in terms of human experience sound plays a big role. therefore, we decided to involve the sound aspect and applied in current AR technology and see what kind of human experiences we get.

What it does

This is a demo of our AUDAR. It is an AR system for audio sounds and these sounds have directivity so that it helps the user to feel in the AR world by listening to these sounds. The white balls, which are shown in the AR world(or the demo movie ), are sound sources. For example, if you move closer to the white ball, the sound will be load since you are closer to the sound source and if you turn your back, you will feel that you are hearing from your back.

How I built it

We created a server system and the AR system for this project. We put the sound sources by setting coordinates of the points inside the room and we show the location of the sound source as a "white ball" for the demo.

Challenges I ran into

It has been very difficult to connect iphone devices to the server and we struggle to connect individual devices with the server system we developed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

that we created a new experience of audio sound AR and it made the AR more realistic.

What's next for audar

Our future plan is to make it more accessible for people to use this system so that people can enjoy the AR sound effects and use into SNS, games and public uses.

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