In our elementary school we would have silent auctions to help with fundraising. Many times, we would bid for an item and we'll get outbid. Many times we would never realize that we were being outbid. Also many of the events were not obtaining their full potential amount of income due to people not knowing they were getting outbid during silent auctions. This isn't just for elementary school, there are many events fundraised using silent auctions. Many organizations would like to get the most out of their silent auction.

What it does

Designed for organizations that hold silent auctions, the Auctioneer app is perfect for all your fundraising needs. Silent Auction enables the event to be able to get more money because customers will be notified immediately and thus will know when they get out bid

Benefits: People who are willing to contribute will be able to help as much as possible due to the instant notice event host will be able get more out of the auction: Less flaking troll people, who will need to be serious when they are making bids since in many schools student will write down numbers, but won’t actually pay.

Can control the way of the auction: min/max bidding, time limit

No need for transportation: Event host won’t need to waste money on decorating, security, and event preparing attendee can be at another location, other events while bidding

Challenges I ran into

Learning for first time programmers and hackers. Some of us weren't as well knowledgable with the technology that we were working on.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We reached our goals, which were to make an android application, web application, and web server.

What I learned

Writing in Node.js. We also learned the importance of time management, teamwork, and asking for help when needed.

What's next for Auctioneer

Our vision for the future of our product is to implement even more features, such as more analytics, and to be able to grab the credit card information. Also to get them out to the organizations and schools.

Built With

Lots of keystrokes... Android Studio, Node.js, Node.js Express, Java.

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