Our Problem.

As we have analyzed the business process of Auction Pride of the Philippines Incorporation, there two main problems: The first one is based on the given process which is the domino effect of the problems being stacked that makes the third-party client skeptical to their business process. The problems are faded documents, no user access, the inability to monitor the consigned assets of the third-party client, et cetera. The second problem is the problem we personally asked them: The lack of market exposure of their business. Their warehouse cannot be easily located since their location are not in the commercial area. Also their surroundings is unpleasant because they are besides the flood-way of stinky and dirty Pasig River.

Our Solution.

The solutions were to develop a web-based application that has three (3) portals that will give a solution for every problem stated. 1.) Consignor Portal. This portal will help the consignor to consign asset with less time-consuming. This portal also includes consigned asset monitoring that will make them feel assured of what is going on with their consigned asset. Also, Auction Result Voucher will be generated in this portal for the claiming of their net income. 2.) Auction Management Portal. This generally covers from approval of users, payment, and auction scheduling. This helps the management of the company to have a systematic way of storing and transacting data. It also provides an easy way of scheduling and rescheduling. For the asset management, it provides an appraisal tool that uses Multivariate Linear Regression and Straight-line Depreciation method for more accurate appraisal. We can also generate a dynamic sales report with sales forecasting with it using Exponential Moving Average Time-series Analysis. It will be more efficient especially with their sales strategy. 3.) Real-time online bidding portal. A portal that gives an easier channel for bidders to bid anytime and anywhere as long there is a device and a decent internet connection. Through this portal, it gives solution to the lack of market exposure of their business as it is easier for the bidders to have a transaction with their business. Through this system, the process will be more efficient, faster, and accurate. It can help them save time, money, and efforts exerted by the company’s employee and staff. This system can improve over-all process of the client.

Building it.

In order to build it, we used Nodejs for the server, Pug for the view engine, Express for the routes, Socket.io for real-time monitoring and online bidding, Paymaya for online payment solution.


I, along with my team, have been challenged by our adviser that no one had successfully integrated online payment solution as it was too dangerous to tackle because of security issue and all previous risk-taker ended up being failed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As we had been challenged, we love pushing ourselves beyond our limits. We researched, and experimented good enough and eventually, we successfully integrated an online payment solution in our project using Paymaya SDK. Due to this, we ended up being on top of our class and we are about to compete for the best system award.Also, I am proud of what my teammates have become after this project.

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