We were thinking about issues and annoyance during our day to day life. And we all thought about "taking notes". We like to take notes manually however we our love for technology makes us try different applications to take our notes digitally.

But, nothing what a bit of both. Keeping the beauty of hand writing and augmenting it with digital functions: aubergine! The beauty of aubergine is that any medium can stored as annotation and scanned as notes, this includes our favourite annotations such as videos, colour tags and cross-references between notes and categories.


Aubergine is an android application written in Kotlin and Android Studio that allows you to capture your notes and digitally fingerprint them using openCv. From here you can retrieve annotations for any notes simply by scanning in any page. The backend is written in python running on Microsoft Azure using an Azure sqlite database to store the annotations.


Our primary goal is to implement augmented reality into the application. So that annotations can be displayed in real time. Furthermore, we would like to further develop the application, with extra features by adding social feature (i.e connect friend). Moreover, add OCR so that notes can be searched as well.

Augmenting the fun!

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