Our inspiration came in the form of our unexpected fourth member. Because our original fourth member had suddenly become unable to come, we found a new teammate that could attend HooHacks. While discussing ideas during the hackathon, we learned that he had a grandfather who had Parkinson's disease. It was then we realized what an impact technology could have on those who are unable to do basic, everyday tasks such as moving around and communicating with others that many of us take for granted.

What it does

Our series of applications allows people with disabilities to have more fluid everyday experiences. One pair of programs make use of the leap motion sensor, while the other utilizes the power of smartphones. Both systems include applications to help those with Parkinson's, and those who are visually impaired.

How we built it

To explore the vastness of technologies that could be used to help the disabled, we built one set of programs around Unity, while the other around Xcode, which is a app development software for iOS.

Challenges we ran into

The steep learning curve for Xcode due to lack of experience, and integration of the Leap Motion SDK with Unity led to many challenges in building our applications. In addition, putting together the separate parts that each team member developed individually led to many complications.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Throughout our journey to creating our products, we ran into an abundance of problems. We had to overcome the initial hurdle of learning many new languages and mastering unknown software. Throughout the course of the hackathon we managed to learn Swift and C#, using them in Unity and Xcode.

What we learned

We were able to learn a great deal about Unity and Xcode as development software, while also learning C# and Swift. In many instances we used third party development kits that took a great deal of learning, but gave a very satisfying payoff.

What's next for Au Revoir

We want to make the experience more seamless by integrating everything into one application that can provide tailored help to each individual based on their needs. We hope that this can help a greater number of people overcome their everyday obstacles.

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