As children of immigrants ourselves, we’ve witnessed firsthand the difficulties of adjusting to a new environment and community through our parents. Consequently, we wanted to assist other immigrants by offering an application (web and iOS) that hosts a variety of resources to help them acclimate and succeed in the US.

What it does:

ATTUNE is a free, easily-accessible website & beta iOS app that works to help American immigrants acclimate to their new life in the US. It provides centralized information such as city must-sees, essential resources, community, and an AI-based chatbot, creating specialized resources and a support system.

How we built it:

We created our website on GitHub/VS Code using HTML/CSS and Javascript, and our app on Figma as a beta testing version. We utilized Canva to improve design aesthetics and create our logo.

Challenges we ran into:

We encountered some web dev issues, including implementing images using HTML/CSS, which our team had not done before. With multiple developers, we initially struggled with clearly communicating our intention and direction, as well as combining individual code into the overall project, but we quickly settled into the collaborative rhythm.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We’re proud of our fully functioning website that aesthetically displays our idea, as well as the beta version of our iOS app that we hope to further develop to create a positive impact. Finally, we’re proud of the team’s accomplishments, as we were able to successfully brainstorm and execute our idea within limited time constraints.

What we learned:

We researched common challenges that immigrants face, and we sought to improve these issues by providing centralized and detailed information. We also honed our HTML/CSS skills, as it isn’t our primary language, and learned more about design elements.

What's next for Attune: Your Guide To The Next Chapter:

Our app currently has functionality for Austin, TX in terms of education resources and tourism, but we hope to scale to more major cities, such as NYC, Irvine, CA, Jersey City, New Jersey, and Irving, TX. We’d also like to provide more functionality and improve user experience.

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