What inspired us to create our web app was Typingdna Focus API itself and the shared interest among our teammates in how cognition is interlinked with emotion.

What it does

Attune’s simple UserFlow begins with the user being prompted to login via Spotify. This process is started by pressing the simple button that initiates the user being taken to Spotify’s seamless login.The login process then leads to a screen where you can enter a short journal entry describing how you feel, this is when Parallel Dot’s API synthesizes the text tells you your mood, and the app will recommend a song for you. It’s easy and intuitive.

How we built it

Since Typingdna’s Focus API is not available yet we emulated its function using aspects of Parallel Dots API, Spotify API, and Rest API with our own code to create an intuitive web app.

Challenges we ran into

The project overall challenged the team by being the first of this magnitude that this team, individually or otherwise, has taken on. Translating design concepts into code proved to be difficult, however implementing React to the front-end eased and sped up that process. Integrating the external API’s to the code that we built, and working with functional components/contexts/hooks in React and trying to circumvent redux while not impossible, made it difficult to complete the project to the degree we had hoped within our allotted time frame.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a team we are extremely proud that we built a reasonable product within such a short period of time. This is the first team project many of our members have built and we are very happy with what we built.

What we learned

Individually, we each learned more than we expected to. We learned a lot about API integration, we also learned a lot about the app development process. We each garnered an appreciation for smooth interfaces and seamless web apps.

What's next for Attune - personalized playlist based on your mood

We envision a bright future for Attune. Once Typingdna Focus API is released for open-source use, we plan on implementing it. We are excited to polish Attune as a team after the Dev Week Hackathon..

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