A Wall of Flames

We wanted to create a bot that takes the time out of tinder, and leave your standards intact. We made half of that goal a reality! So, we saved a lot of time. Originally, we wanted to hook into Tinder's private API and another website called www.howhot.io which rates a person's attractiveness using a neural network. We were unable to accomplish this though,because Howhot.io has an upload system that is incredibly difficult to replicate the requests successfully. So, because of this obstacle that we couldn't overcome, we learned a valuable lesson on project scope, and planning the objectives of a project.

So, as of right now, we are hooking into the API that the actual tinder app uses, but is not intended to be forward facing. We have created a bot that will like all available recommended profiles, and archive them on your personal web portal running on localhost:5000.

That web portal is running on a retrofitted blog CMS system, that was created with flask. It stores the profiles in a pickled format, and has a list of all the links to profile pictures, bio, gender, and names.

Members (Contact Info): Trase Westbrook (me@trasewestbrook.com), Julian Salas (thealchavez@gmail.com), Jonathan Villanueva (jvssr99@gmail.com), Triston Scallan (triss1@icloud.com)

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