Online Education is fun for students, but teachers have a tough time managing students. Students tend to distract and they cannot concentrate on their lectures. Our idea was to notify the teacher about the attentivity of the students and would help the teachers to help their students, in turn the students would also pay attention to their lecture as their actions would be notified to their teachers.

What it does

Attention Monitor is an application that tackles the problem of teachers that they face during online classes. It helps teachers in monitoring a class online which becomes difficult in online mode

How we built it

  • This is a web platform build using Django as the backend.
  • To integrate the video conferencing feature we used Jitsi API.
  • Build a telegram bot using telegram API to notify the teachers.
  • We also used a computer vision python script to detect the faces and eyes of the students.

Challenges we ran into

  • It was really a challenging task to integrate the video conferencing feature into our platform.
  • We also had a tough time integrating the computer vision script with the platform

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Creating something that will be helpful for the teachers that are not good with technology
  • About how this could be useful in the future for the teachers, personal accomplishments include learning how to use jitsi in short time, and learning how to get frames from webcam etc ## What we learned
    • How to use Jitsi API
    • Integrating a computer vision model with Django backend

What's next for AttentionMonitor

  • Add a personalized dashboard feature for viewing graphical statistics
  • Improve the video camera turn on/off feature
  • Integrating super-resolution to solve low resolution issues. (currently works for images but slow for videos)

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