-While we are in the midst of this pandemic we are all interested in getting reliable and palatable information regarding COVID-19 and that is what we wanted to communicate to our audience-We all have struggled to find a resource that does not only provide information and actionable things to do but also a space with recreational resources as well.

What it does

  • Provides information on how to protect yourself from catching the virus and what to do if you're infected- Quizzes you on your knowledge- Gives challenges you can complete to stay active and maintain your mental health ## How we built it-We used Glitch and coded with HTML, CSS & Javascript ## Challenges we ran into
  • Getting the game to run and be playable - Getting the slideshow to work properly -Using Javascript to show the possible activities after clicking the challenge button and taking the test ## Accomplishments that we're proud of
  • Having a graphics slide show on the home page- Having buttons that can hide and reveal challenges on the isolation page - Creating good graphics ## What we learned -We learned that coding has both anticipated and unanticipated challenges. Once you research solutions and troubleshoot your heart out, then you can reach out to your team or a mentor. From there, you just have to be patient and adapt as needed.

## What's next for Attention: COVID-19 Is On The Rise In the future, the game will have text on the ramps and be playable from the web. We also want to make everything more accessible and user-friendly, while still having cool features (scrolling on pages, APIs for live COVID case counts, etc.). On top of that, we'll update the challenges once in a while to add new activities.

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