Everyday people get together. Stag & hen parties, birthdays, anniversaries, thanks giving, Christmas, New Year, the occasions are numerous. With Attendi anyone can build their own party app in minutes. It couldn't be simpler.

Download the app for free to your mobile, use our web platform to choose and mange the features you want in your party app, add / edit and delete content as you wish and when you're ready to share your party app you purchase it through the website.

We developed Attendi because we wanted to make sure everyone knows what the plan is; who's going, where to meet, where to stay etc; yet we know mobile combined with the cloud can do so much more!

We wanted to make sure every get together is captured, so people can share photo's, messages, and comments all in one place that can easily be exported later, once the get together is over.

Attendi features include -

Create and manage multiple parties from you account dashboard Add important dates, times and contact details Share and collect RSVPs, so everyone can see who's going Publish and update your party schedule Create venue maps and add pins so everyone knows where to go, local hotels, restaurants Share via Twitter, Facebook and Email Comment with attendees in the build up to your party Collect photos and comments during the party to make sure you capture all the memories of your party Attendi is currently in private beta but we are accepting invite requests now.

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