We noticed professors were having trouble getting students to stay in class and we noticed how there was no real method to taking attendance properly, so we created our own way to take attendance to hopefully motivate students to come to class and help professors track which students are coming.

We have two functions. A QR code generator that professors can use to make QR Codes specific to their class and see which students and at what time they are coming by using the QR code scanner which will record the time and name of the student when they scan the QR Code.

Built through Android Studio using Java and .xml

This was our first hackathon so going into this event, we knew minimal programming and we also did not know how to make an app. The app crashed a lot and we did not know how to build it so starting the coding process took a lot of learning as well as trial and error.

We successfully were able to make a QR Code Generator and QR Code Scanner as well as a login.

How to use Java and .xml as well using android studio. We also learned how to make login pages, qr code generators and qr code scanners.

We hope to add a location tracker so that professors will know students are in the a certain radius (i.e. in the classroom) when they scan the code.

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