Attendance system is difficult using Machine learning, we use flutter for this

What it does

Employee Face Recognition Sign In App

How I built it

Below are key features on the App:-

  • Employee UI (to view all staff, add new, update employee) - API will be given to read/update/add employee data, able to export list of employee to Excel/CSV
  • Login UI (a). (Employee enter user ID and password) - API will be given to validate password
  • Login UI (b). (Face Recognition Login) - To use Firebase MLKit, TensorFlow, Google Face Recognition API etc. Please advice what is your prefer method for face recognition login.
  • Confirmation UI (Show date & time, employee sign on screen) - API will be given to save date & time, staff record to backend database ## Challenges I ran into Accuracy ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

  • Some other function like able to filter employee, export to either CSV, click phone no to call, click email to open email application.
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