While studying, perusing or looking over any document, one thing or the other seems to slip through the cracks. When are we fully focused? When are we not? Is there a way to make sure that we have all the pertinent information?

Enter Atten.Tech.

What it does

Atten.Tech is an eye - tracking and reading behavior analysis platform that uses data gathered from your behavior during studying, memorizing, preparing etc. in order to help you out by suggesting parts of the text you should revise.

Let's say you're a student struggling in a class. There's just a lot of material to go over. Enter Atten.Tech. It'll track your study habits and let you know what's slipping through and make sure you've gotten all the content down.

Say you're an educator. You want to know why your students are underperforming. Why are they not able to hone in on some concepts? Enter Atten.Tech. Use the software to see what parts of the material seem to be more challenging to students, not by their own testimonials, but by raw data analysis.

Say you're a designer. Your website traffic is not as high as you hoped. The ad revenue is just can't seem to stop going down. Enter Atten.Tech. The software can tell you what areas of your webpages draw more attention and have a higher impact on the user.

Whether it be to just check your knowledge, understand your classroom better or have an increased design sensibility, Atten.Tech is perfect for a deeper understanding of the way you learn, the way others learn and the way customers perceive your product.

How I built it

We built this by primarily using WebGazer.js, flask and python.

Challenges I ran into

Calibrating and integrating eye - tracking into the product was one of the hardest things to accomplish as trying to make eye - tracking technology open and accessible comes with a significant downside - not having specialized hardware. We tried to make the best use possible of

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully making the eye - tracking work and finishing a product that can be used for a wide range of applications in the short time frame of 24 hours

What's next for Atten.Tech

Expanding the current technology to learn trends over time and help elevate the user -

  1. The technology for students should adapt to their unique learning style and put them to the next level of efficiency while processing information
  2. For educators, we hope to integrate this technology with EEG's to not only track attention but augment the understanding of efficiency of transmitting information by getting an insight into how a student learns
  3. For web designers and other industry level professionals, we hope to be able to dynamically adjust UI to specific user heatmaps
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