For years (subjectively) the pillow battles raged; conflict after conflict, skirmish after skirmish, our men were dying (subjectively). Team Gopher Win, unwilling to continue living in such a desolate wasteland of pillow-gore, undertook a secret project, Project Pillowkrieg, to end the war, once and for all. After many (subjective) years Team Gopher Win achieved their ultimate weapon, the war machine to end all wars. The Attack Wagon™ emerged, charging into battle. Powered by incredibly futuristic chemical energy (a college student who drank too much caffeine), and constructed of some of the most (subjectively) sturdy materials, the Attack Wagon™ wiped out any and all opponents to it's god-like power. Submitted as (subjectively) the most advanced and awe-inspiring hardware hack, the Attack Wagon™ took an astounding amount of team work and drive to complete. The Attack Wagon™ will go down in history, not only as a HackRPI submission (and most likely winner), but as an epoch of technological advancements in a distopian war-time hackathon.

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