AtroPIM is a free, modern, 100% open source, feature rich and configurable PIM solution for retailers, producers and brands. With AtroPIM you get full control over the product and customer experience. It's easy to keep catalogs up to date, add new products or change existing ones, deliver your current product information across all channels. AtroPIM helps you with teamwork and automates your business processes, increases the productivity and quality of the work results, systematizes and structures the exchange of information. AtroPIM can be adapted exactly to the needs of the user.

AtroPIM is a single page application (SPA) with an API-centric architecture and flexible data model based on entities, entity attributes and relations of all kinds among them. AtroPIM allows you to gather and store all your product content in one place, enrich it and spread it to several channels like own online shop, amazon, eBay, online shops of your distributors, on a tablet or mobile application. AtroPIM will help you to structure and organize all your flexible data and get rid of excel mess.

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