To create an AMM with permissionless Serum-based liquidity pools and permissionless, no-code farms.

What it does

Atrix is the only Serum AMM that allows for seamless creation of liquidity pools and farms. No coding knowledge is needed for early projects to create their own pools with custom emissions.

How we built it

We had to start from scratch, since there's no public implementation of a Serum-based AMM on Solana. Through trial and error, asking for help in the Serum discord, and chewing glass, we were proud to end up with an awesome AMM product.

Challenges we ran into

Some technical challenges we have run into have been issues with large and small transactions, and occasional issues with adding liquidity to certain pools. While infrequent, we believe that addressing everyone's issues is key. Less technical challenges have been communicating our vision and envisioned usecase for Atrix to the community and trying to gain universal excitement.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Raising nearly half a billion in total value locked in less than four days of dedicated pools being live.

What we learned

Natural growth with a strong core community is key for any project. Genuine interest in a project is facilitated through not just a great product but a constant line of communication with the userbase.

What's next for Atrix

A native token release (ATRX) is also imminent, and details regarding tokenomics and the eventual rollout are all being worked on. We're also excited to partner with new projects launched on Atrix soon, and new ways to build a community around Atrix.

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