Giving everyone (dev or non dev) the ability to spin up an Ethereum dApp that includes a decentralized chat component instantly, with no code.

What it does

When building a LiteUI website on users can now add a Chat UI Element that will put a prebuilt, no code, chat box that connects to 3Box in their page. They can then save the site and it's instantly live without having to host any infrastructure or code and integration with 3Box.

How I built it

We created an entirely new React component using 3Box APIs and docs.

Challenges I ran into

The 3Box API is still young it was challenging to work around some of early the nuances.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

User Experience

What I learned

How to use 3Box's API

What's next for Atra LiteUI <> 3Box Chat Integration

Next would be creating user management and profiles within LiteUI using 3Box. Allowing a user to check a box saying that visitors of their LiteUI must have a 3Box profile with Name, Picture, ect. before they can use the dapp.

Working more with 3Box! Thanks guys!

Built With

  • 3box-sdk
  • profilehover-npm
  • react
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