Take the role of the Wizard, and gather the resources of your land in this VR twist on Tower Defense. Atop The Wizards Tower, you'll gather the raw powers of the elements in order to smite your foes and protect your people. Each of the four elements combines with the defensive towers in different ways, or can be used to spawn defenders for you to place.

Manage your resources, defend your village, and keep back the hordes!

'Atop The Wizards Tower' is our attempt to play with scale, and have the game world feel like an expansive diorama. Plenty of moving pieces and lots of player interaction.

The game has a simple and intuitive control scheme using only the head tracking and touchpad of the Gear VR:

  • Search for elemental energy by looking around.
  • Use the touchpad to draw the energy to you.
  • Choose to:
    • Use the energy directly on enemies by locating them and using the touchpad to cast a spell.
    • Use the energy to power a tower by locating one and using the touchpad to funnel energy into it.
    • Use the energy to summon soldiers by locating a building and using the touchpad to focus the energy into it.
  • Pick up and move your troops into and out of battles.

The desire was to reward the player for looking around, managing their resources, and spending them wisely. It rewards quick thinking, strategic planning, and keeping calm under pressure. There is a special kind of tension created by having the player look away from the action in order to grab more resources.

The key goals were to have it be easy to pick up and play, and as a seated experience, avoid simulator sickness (player comfort was something we struggled with during the last jam).

Here is a link to a DK1/DK2 compatible build for PC: http://defiantdev.s3.amazonaws.com/atop_the_wizards_tower_RIFT.zip

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