Human tends to be lazy when reading with full of text only, we more easily comprehend information through images or some kind of visualisation to help us understand the incoming information in a more structured way. Beautiful things always captive our attention, interactive informations alert our focus deeper.


Atomixy offer this idea as becoming the mother of resources for all of the graph or a flow mapping structured ideas, basically the wiki of flow-mapping. Since the world evolves, and while we are adapting, we also want more transparency and more security in our tech, even if it's open-source we also want to have full transparency in data authority. If wiki's database gets attacked, while humans are at war. How it affects to the future generation? Everything is vulnerable, and what the past generation has been built will be nothing and erased, only permanent storage and blockchain are able to make it into everlasting resources.

Or perhaps if the media source somehow controlled, how do we know if the data is valid. Most of wiki are centralised, the admin could have key to change database if they want. The government or some org can just dictate and control the media information in the wiki.

This is where decentralisation comes to rescue and make everything what community has build together also protected together by the community, while also in the future that might be also benefiting back into the community [^v4] -> it will be explained more in v4 roadmap.

Consensus mechanism make all of these possible even though right now most of the network isn't mature enough but everything has a beginning. It also will flourish the open source capability, because the original team doesn't really need to maintain the server and database anymore, main team or contributor can be more focus on innovative ideas, and progress.

But if somehow project still want to use centralised server, I don’t really mind. I’m open for ideas, for there are several things as well that can only be achieved through hybrid condition.

What it does

In simple ways:

  • It performs as mapping tool, you can create and connect each nodes until it create some civilisation or some kind of things you want to present.

zoom civilisation

  • Each node, or capsule is also a thread or post, it will have a topic of discussion (I called this as a nodeWindow). This will give insight, detail about the incentive idea and discussion just like a reddit. So this will be semi-forums as well, while also works as fundraises for each node can have their own address for donation, and perhaps escrow and vesting account in the future. [^v4]

node window

  • Then everyone can edit and save it (crowd sourcing), and perhaps forking into a new project based on the latest version [^v2]. After its saved it will require approval to be displayed.


  • Since it’s structured, it is also graphable. Currently only donation-pool that’s been implemented, we can see which node has the highest donation through bar-chart, but currently only working in the local-blockchain. The other charts are still in development, like contributors, or upvotes, or most popular/active nodes [^v3]. So we can see more information clearly through graph or charts. Download-into-CSV button is also missing, I might consider to import any excel or csv or json data and smartly convert them into flow [^v5].

Atomixy has flexible purpose, as the other thought this could be good for researchers. I think this could become a Salary Management as well. Wait, what?

So I used to have a problem with inter-bank and it was slow to receive payment from another country. Since it’s using crypto payment it will be quicker for global organisation, and each node will be an employee information with more detail informations, and vesting account. Each node might be locked or visible only to the related role or address [^v5]. The manager could see the structured of an employee because of mapping and charts.

Or even perhaps a Tournament structure for anything (Esports, hackatohn, etc.). Whether for crowdfunding pool tournament + displaying schedule, displaying some timeline. There are many more ideas to come. Atomixy’s idea is still raw.

How I built it

  • Nextjs react for the SSR feature, React-flow, react-vix for the graph.
  • Any ( EVM + Solana ) smart contract to store data in small size to the blockchain. This is for query purpose and safety reason. Yes, atomixy confident can integrate multi-chain data, because main data is on Arweave/IPFS.
  • Arweave as permanent data, Testnet will use ipfs (since ipfs is not everlasting, and can be erased by garbage collector) perhaps pinning the ipfs or use filecoin. I need to reconstruct comment section data handler [^v2] and might think to combine with elasticsearch?[^v5] or other relational blockchain like chromia. I believe as the time goes on, new innovation in the app will become more mature.

Challenges I ran into

  • Wrong Architecture I know the data structure I implemented is still wrong because I intended for that since the beginning for faster development. For example, if multiple person edit at the same time, one of them won’t be recorded because I used the wrong architectural design, but I need to achieve the prototype goal in a faster way.

  • Core issue: for example currently funding only available in local network only because of some issue.

  • Bad UX: Annoying little pop up of wallet in everything, I think I still use bundlr for arweave in wrong way. In mainnet polygon, it pop up 3 times (ready to use bundlr, sign update main data in arweave, and lastly accept)

But good things, the fee is low 0,01 usd tested in Polygon (and the latest one I tried in harmony $0.000001 ) also fast in proper network choice like solana, polygon, harmony.

So it shouldn’t be problem but I still think it’s bad UX. so I proposed another idea how to make it more seamless [^v4]. but it also makes stricter in good ways, because in the end the goal for each version has to be approved first either by project owner, DAO or some new way in the future.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • I start to work for atomixy around 20-28feb + 8-14mar, and turns out I had many meetings and tasks for my main full-time job. So completing this into basic prototype in short time surely good enough. you can try to create new one or update in
  • But I still got burnout, and got sick in march especially in 13-14 march when I still need to work for the video. You can notice from the video, I kinda hard to speak because I’m coughing for every minutes :(

and I'm still thankful because of mapping hackthon I've got a lot of ideas, want to finished it and innovate a lot of things with web3 for the better future.

What I learned

I learn best way to store data, using arweave without paying fee in arweave, that's really helpful to accomplish Atomixy goal and optimising Atomixy's flow. Previously I thought IPFS is enough, turns out that have problem in the future as well with garbage collector things, I misunderstoos how ipfs works. I learn how to narrate the video and make it into the pitch? unsure about this lmao.

What's next for Atomixy

Be ready because it’s long, there are several version roadmap (v1-4)

Completing V1 (Richer Tools) : Most of these are almost done but due to limited time and feature prioritisation.

  1. custom edges: step edge, animated, float
    custom edges float edges

  2. richer custom node/capsule with images/video:

custom node simple node richer_tools

  1. shortcut keys, the tools should be as good as figma/miro
  2. better markdown in node window
  3. draggable node window
  4. fix split feature
  5. filter sortby, right now only search input
  6. Automate horizontal and vertical, perhaps combine with filter?
  7. dark and light mode
  8. drag and drop,
  9. multiple sheets etc, etc, etc

V2: better structure data

  • In this is prototype, I combined everything. Should be separated like current fundraises logic.
  • Log history, I planned to make logs history, but I've got no time. For views data might need integration with analytics?
  • Better fundraises structure accross versions, there still problem across version.
  • Undo and forward for track editing (combined with logs)
  • forking project into new project
  • better comment section data structure

V3: better data visuality & smart contract

  • vesting and escrow fund
  • private project flow, and payment will go to TVL
  • complete the chart

V4: utilising the app to next level

  • User fund can be used for staking
  • Accept other erc20? and tokens
  • Authority on DAO

V5: new feature

  • private NODE to certain profile/address? or group or DAO ?
  • staking with subscription?
  • LP ?

I will give detail for v4 and v5 again later. It will involving some TVL ideas, since Atomixy could lock token in each nodes (maybe for tournament pool, or salary). Might want to maximise that opportunity to stake that, and if atomixy as big as wiki, then each projects will have massive cash flow that need to be consider.

regular things todo:

  1. refactor,
  2. bugs fixing
  3. more documentation
  4. unit testing and e2e testing.
  5. better error handling like when network not match etc

Built With

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posted an update

Helloo everyone, I finally have time in the weekend. So I update the story with better explanation. Sorry for bad grammar. I will recheck again later.

Later, I will give more detail about v4 and v5. It will involves some TVL ideas, since Atomixy could lock token in each nodes (maybe for tournament pool, or salary). So I think might want to maximise that opportunity to stake the token, and if Atomixy as big as wiki, then each projects will have massive cash flow that need to be consider.

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posted an update

Update dapp (decentralised app) with another testnet options: kovan and mumbai, on next solana (probably after 17th).

please if judges want to analyse before 14march-submission, then check this commit fa8c3d45eaf395c0f4fc03556230ada53da3cd9e and it's easy run on local, because i'm gonna keep update the repo, and I'm already setup the roadmap till v4. I know what I want to make since the beginning, and I'm gonna try to finish it.

currently on v.1.0.0c+ BETA

PS: not sure if I am allowed to update the Story as well, since I already finished my writing on medium about this, I wanted to match the informations in the story

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