Life itself. For example, can you imagine going to a festival, where the merchants only accept cash? Or going to the farmer's market where 'digital payments' are simply not used? Or being in a foreign country in desperate need of cash? Or not interested in your bank or insurer knowing where you spend your money. Or you need that 10€ quickly in order to pay for your child's school thing. Or... The list goes on and on.

What it does

ATMZY offers the possibility to withdraw your own cash from regular people, making virtually every person an ATM.

How we built it

Passion -> lot's of planning -> sketch on post-it's -> mockup on proto-io -> prototype in html (in progress)

Challenges we ran into

  • Peoples' bias towards cash and cash related services. Though, nothing too serious.
  • The mockup was not as easy to implement as we thought (hence, it's still 'in progress').

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • got to change these biases
  • lot's of positive feedback (like 'That's fucking awesome!')
  • the mockup prototype (first visualisation of the product)
  • synergy in the team
  • managed to gather a lot of constructive feedback
  • new ideas business- and tech-wise

What we learned

  • if this thing should go live (which it will), there is a lot of bureaucracy to work through
  • see above
  • to listen more

What's next for ATMZY

We're aiming to launch a beta version to the general public by summer '17, to start real tests on festivals

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