Inspiration - The inspiration for this project came from the rise of Cases related to ATM transaction scams. The increase in the number of people falling prey to these fraudster motivated me to build this program of ATM INTERFACE WITH OTP GENERATION which can save the society from these imposters.

What it does- The program will help the society to reduce the number of cases of fraud related to ATM transaction.These days fraud related to ATM transaction is very common.Fraudsters can easily steal your ATM card or get to your ATM pin as in most cases the fraudster is a person who is closely related to the victim or he or she can hack your pin but with the help of this program the person who is doing the transaction has to enter a OTP before starting the transaction which will be generated on the registered mobile number of the victim in the bank. If the victim recieves a OTP without doing any transaction then he or she can get aware that someone is trying to access their account without their permission and can immediately inform the related authorities.The person who is doing the transaction can choose the length of the OTP which increases the reliability of a secure transaction.

How we built it- Initially I have through many faliled attempts to make this project.The project basically consists of five classes namely-

ATM-To store the basic information of the customer like Name and pin and generate OTP. User -To store the information of the customer like user id Bank-For all the transaction related to the customers bank account Account- For all the account details and information related to transfer, withdraw or deposit and the type of account. Transaction- Information regarding transactions. Every class is interconnected to each other and are called in other classes.Each class in the program is important and the successful execution of the project is not possible without any of these classes.

Challenges we ran into- Before starting the project I have to learn many concepts which were new to me and go through many reference ideas and books.The program is the result of many unsuccessful codes for the project and vain dryruns.I also consulted many of my seniors and people experienced in this field and took the help of internet to strengthen my project. I worked on this project for several days and there was a time when I was on the verge of giving up but I continued and although I was not able to make a fully working program due to some error in the software but finally I was successful in making a code very close to my expectations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - Although I was not able to make a fully working program but I am happy and proud of myself that I was so close to what I thought off and the way I managed to work on this project.I am glad that I was able to work on a project that can help the society toward its betterment.

What we learned- The project gave me a experience of working with multiple softwares and strengthen my knowledge in the domain of computer science and programming.The key takeaways from this project is my shortcomings and how can I improve the project inorder to increase awareness regarding these scams.

What's next for ATM INTERFACE WITH OTP GENERATION PROGRAM- My next aim is to know my flaws and gain knowledge so that this idea is not only restricted to a computer program but I can also expand it to reality through a mobile application so that everyone can take the advantages of living in a era of technology and save the innocent victims from loosing there hard earned money to these imposters.

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