Our inspiration was previous personal experiences of lengthy trips to the bank. Upon looking at the Capitol One API, we noticed there were solutions available to this problem with access to the ATMs as well as customer information.

What it does

Our app provides customers with the ability to preemptively input withdrawals and deposits from the comfort of their home or on the go. Upon reaching the bank they will simply need to input a code provided through the app and use the facial recognition feature to verify their identity and the ATM will have already processed and prepared their withdrawal or deposit. Furthermore, we utilized the location services provided through the API to alert customers about the location of the nearest bank/ATM.

How we built it

ATM.go was built using facial recognition, java android app, a web server, android studio.

Challenges we ran into

A challenge we ran into was the verification of identity utilizing the ATM cameras. This issue included difficulty haulting the tracker as well as transferring the picture to our server. Another challenge was unfamiliarity with the necessary systems and programs required to make this project perform properly, such as Android Studio and JavaScript. We were also unsure how to maintain appropriate security measures as we were removing the use of a debit/credit card.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the fact we were able to solve a problem that affects a high number of people. Banking is already moving more towards the technology sector every day with online banking and e-checks. It only seems reasonable that this movement should not be stagnant in regards to withdrawals and deposits- which are a large part of the banking experience. Another accomplishment we are proud of is our ability to implement facial recognition into the system, which is a technology our group was not familiar with.

What we learned

We learned to be adaptable when dealing with systems we are not familiar with. This includes the use of Android Studio, and also the use of facial recognition. Our application would not have been possible if group members were unwilling or unable to complete tasks that they did not have previous experience with.

What's next for ATM.Go?

The future for this app is to be provided inside of banks, which will also eliminate time spent in lines. The integrations of consoles within the banks that act similarly to ATMs will ease the process of banking. While tellers can still be available to answer questions and solve problems unable to be solved by the machine, the consoles can instead do many of the routine tasks that consume much of current teller's work days.

What challenges are we doing?

Capital One, JetBrains

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