META-INF has been an Marketplace Partner for many years. Our support team works in Jira Service Management Cloud to respond to customer requests.

In order to provide the best service possible, they obtain the customer's entitlement number and save details of the customer, the license or subscription into custom fields. They do this by opening the Marketplace and manually copying values into the fields for each and every customer request.

This is slow, cumbersome and error prone. Let's make it easy.

What it does

The app provides an integration with the Atlassian Marketplace in Jira Service Management Cloud.

It accesses the Atlassian Marketplace and brings the necessary Customer, License and Partner details into the support requests made by the partners' customers. Data such as the customer organization, the app's hosting platform used by the customer (Cloud, DC or Server), the current user tier the customer is at, the maintenance period of the current subscription and a lot more may be viewed or saved.

Additionally to viewing marketplace data and to saving them in custom fields automatically, access to the customer's purchase history is also at hand.

The license and customer data, along with the customer's purchase history provide additional contexts and deeper insights to resolve issues quickly with more satisfied customers.

By saving the above details into custom fields, endless reporting capabilites open up. Support teams may analyze their request database by attributes of the app's hosting platform, user tier, custromer and partner details.

Find more details in the documentation

How we built it

We chose to build the app using Atlassian Forge. The app uses the UIKit components, typescript language and Jest testing framework.

Challenges we ran into

We have had to face couple of challenges using Forge. The UIKit is still very basic. The lack of enough customizations options will most probably make developers fall back to the Custom UI module.

Also the UIKit does not easily support Selenium tests due to the lack of custom attributes or IDs.

The most important limitation is the support for multiple developers accounts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We started this app to improve our customer support of our Marketplace Apps and to gain deep insights in Forge development.

We are proud to make the app available to the community of Atlassian Marketplace Partners, obviously free of charge.

What we learned

We learned that Forge has great capabilities and a bright potential for the future. This is a powerful platform but still immature.

What's next for Atlassian Marketplace Integration for Jira Service Management

We are going to make this app available through the Atlassian Marketplace for Marketplace Partners free of charge. Feedbacks are welcome and we'd be happy to discuss any improvements with the partner community.

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