World has so much to learn from, so has Atlassian! Atlassian has good range of products & guess what most of across industry employees have to use it as part of their daily routine. So why not make it fun & interesting way to learn.
I came up with this idea of game-cum-knowledge test/training app :) . Game adds fun element & curiosity to complete those boring mandatory corporate trainings while you gain knowledge like on new products/features etc. Task based test/training makes employee learn by doing themself unlike regular MCQ based where question-answers gets shared across organization as its case mostly :D

What it does

Basic jumper game, I called it Atlassian Jumper as you gain knowledge in single or across Atlassian products. You have different levels to complete. At each level you reach, game pause for informed time with instruction to complete new task like creating new confluence page, adding comment to it, creating new issue in Jira & making first pull request etc etc. You gotta complete it & come back to resume game in stipulated time otherwise you fail test/training attempt. As you resume, app validate if task is completed or not in system, if not it will count towards failed attempt. Along the way you collect stars to make highest score to top the leader-board among your team and/or organization. As you proceed to higher level, game gets little tough to complete as you have to dodge the bombs that comes your way. If you get hit by bomb, its not game over but you restart your level with some deduction in total score. On completion of all levels, you to get completion badge & your position on leader-board.

How we built it

With limited time I came with idea and used provided tutorial to make POC. Demo shows integration of basic jumper game into Atlassian Jira & Confluence.

Challenges we ran into

I started on hackathon just 1 day before & I am completely newbie in Atlassian app development. Few development challenges/feature requests I faced has been shared in Forge Jira issue board.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am native android app developer so here I got to learn basics of Atlassian Forge & Phaser in 1 day to get basic phaser game integrated into Atlassian product in short time without having working knowledge with JavaScript before.

What we learned

Basics of Forge app development & Phaser game development.

What's next for Atlassian Jumper

[Stage-1] If it's objective sounds good to Atlassian, why not really make this reality as part of Atlassian product where in customer of Atlassian, if wants, introduce this as part of training/learning guide for every new user of customer who joins fresh as team member on Atlassian product. This can be even extended as part of yearly training(like most corporate has mandatory compliance trainings like anti-money laundering etc ).

[Stage-2]This game can be made across all Atlassian products or specifically for each department of company.

[Stage-3]If its not for Atlassian product, customer can host this as per their requirement, Atlassian will provide infrastructure to them. This can be looked at to acquire potential old age customers who still use non-digital or distributed tools to manage projects. Sell them prospect with such basic game, this might entitle to get buying of those reluctant employees to switch to digital centralized products offered by Atlassian.

[Stage-4] Also, this can be best used if Atlassian is launching new product OR new features in existing products. Make a game & share with customers & community to try use it in fun way and collect feedback :).


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