I wanted to build something simple, yet useful for a wide variety of use-cases. I landed on webhooks as an ideal macro to develop, as many developer tools such as Jenkins and no-code tools such as Zapier use webhooks to trigger actions.

What it does

It's a pretty simple Macro: it allows a user to create a button that sends a request to a certain webhook URL. You can configure the Macro to configure the button text, the webhook URL, the HTTP method as well as the request body and headers.

How I built it

With a lot of trial and error as well as help from the Forge Slack!

Challenges I ran into

I'm not too familiar with React and Node.js, so I had to learn a lot from that.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works pretty well and can provide immediate value.

What I learned

A bunch about Node.js and React development!

What's next for Atlassian Forge Webhook Macro for Confluence

I want to make it available on the Atlassian Marketplace so that other people can use it as well. Currently Forge apps don't support that, but hopefully they will in the future! I also open sourced the code (still deciding on a license) so people can use it as a base for their own applications.

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