This is plugin for Confluence -- enterprise wiki from Atlassian. The plugin allows you to insert your notes to Confluence pages directly. Now you and your team can gather knowledge everywhere and then collect all information in central storage.

This is not inserting links for your notes. This is real copying of your notes content to Confluence page. So you don't need to share note in order to insert it into wiki.

Use cases:

  • Gathering of meeting results from all participants on the single Confluence page
  • Making notes in a business trip when you have no access to your wiki
  • Sharing your private notes within your enterprise network
  • Making quick notes about your projects at lunch to put them into project space later

Key features:

  • Simple and standard way to select and insert note to any point of your page
  • Copying of text with preservation of the basic formatting
  • Images from notes become attachments to pages and inserted into page text properly
  • Audio and Video become attachments and the corresponding 'Multimedia' macro is placed into the page

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