Our inspiration consisted of our own concern and willingness to help combat the COVID situation, and compounded with the fact that the theme of Atlas Hacks was conducive toward this more general mission of building something that benefits society, the idea came naturally.

How I built it

We used the Figma and Sketch framing and design software to prototype and initially design the app, and we alternated roles in several pair programming sessions to implement the code in XCode.

Challenges I ran into

Navigating remote collaboration in the context of the medium of participation in the hackathon being online. Like for many other people as well, this was our online hackathon. We believe that there is just something about in-person experiences and collaboration that can't be matched at the same caliber, but we were still able to figure out how to collaborate together optimally through online communication.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Utilizing the time we agreed upon for collaborative pair programming sessions effectively.

What I learned

We learned to better incorporate numerous technologies into a seamless user interface.

What's next for Snapdemic

To expand upon this application, we plan to pursue additional functionalities such as fully integrating the Stripe Payment Method to process online payments and place orders. We also plan to incorporate a chat messaging feature to contact local hospitals and stores nearby.

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