When we were looking through the challenges, we saw that one was for Microsoft. That drew us in at first. However, once we did some digging, we saw the rich history that Atlanta had- we knew we had to choose this project to learn more. Our team has 2 non-US born people who do not know much about civil rights or the war or American history. So it ended up being a really interesting lesson for them and all of us.

What it does

The app has several tourist locations in Atlanta that have historical significance leading back to the Civil Rights movement or history pertaining to it. Whether that be fighting for rights to this day, or seeing how far it has come or how far we have yet to go.

How we built it

At first we designed it in Figma and then put it into VSCode and started building it with React. After a day of trying that, we realized that it was not going to work how we wanted to. We then switched to HTML and CSS and using the Map feature to allow us to have the links over the locations.

Challenges we ran into

We tried to initially use the links as an absolute position and they kept moving all over the page. That didn't work. We also were having issues with the branches in GitHub.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really glad that we were able to pull this together given all of the obstacles. We lost a team member along the way to a work commitment and the other halfway through due to covid. We hardly slept, being students as well, but the fact that everything ~mostly~ works is something to be proud of.

What we learned

We learned about the git command rebase and how to collaborate successful in git and with other developers. We also learned how to add links to images quickly with map. MOST importantly, we learned about the history about Atlanta.

What's next for Atlanta For All

In the near future, we plan to convert our app to a fully responsive React application. We will use an actual Maps api to allow for more interaction on the main page and add extra resources to the subpages to learn more about the rich history of Atlanta.

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