I saw a huge number of posts in social networks and mass media about volunteers who are writing their contacts on the paper and placing them in the porches or even on the neighbors' doors. That was a thing that was activated an idea to make this process of communication more efficient and safe.

What it does

People are able to leave their requests for help using our autofill module. The App will automatically open any Native Map Tool installed on your device and build the fastest possible route, based on advanced options. A volunteer is able to search requests based on his location, choose how far you can go (5 options: hand, on foot, bicycle, car) to help people and chat with people in real-time using SSL & WebSocket-based chat. These features automatically increase volunteers' performance and make communication much easier.

How I built it

I`ve built this app by myself in 1 day. MVP is based on Ionic Framework but I have a strong feeling that some things should be written using native languages for each OS.

Challenges I ran into

Websockets. I'm trying to build a video chat based on this technology. The challenge is not in the broadcasting by itself but in encryption algorithm that should be as simple as it is possible to make it compatible with non-top-level devices and as much safe to guarantee anonymous for people.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Accomplishments that I'm proud of I've got a lot of feedback from users who were using dev-version. I had interviews with a few TV channels and Ukrainian central mass media. They have made a greater surprise for me. They have placed great video feedbacks from volunteers I didn't know about. It inspires me to make this project better and better on a daily bases.

What I learned

First of all, it is a stack of new technologies and algorithms. Especially if we are talking about encryption. But the most important is: this app should have some kind of gamification and I should think about added value for each user from both sides to make it "viral" even after the COVID19 pandemic.

What's next for Atlant

I'm working on a gamification module. People should feel their impact on the situation. They are doing so much to help others. Another side is: I need to find out how to increase the comfort of users who need some help. Problem #1 is some of those people don't want to use this app because of the psychological factors. They don't like that person who helped them is going away from their doors with empty hands. Because of this those people are feeling weak and disabled. It is a huge barrier for them to use the app one more time. On the other hand, we cant make this app paid, because it will not be non-profit and I`m afraid it can damage all the ideas of this project. The only thing I feel would be fair is adding a donation button after some particular task is done.


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