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1. About ATIV

ATIV is a blockchain system that proposes a form of divided/public/decentralized ownership of intangible assets.

Intangible assets (music, movies, and webtoons(comics), etc.) have varying profitabilities depending on their number of views and plays. Therefore, creating an environment where these assets are distributed to and jointly owned by a mass/multinational population is favorable for the asset value to increase.


The benefits of distributing/joint-owning an intangible asset are as follows:

  1. A user group with a sense of ownership is formed. The members of this group voluntarily promote and allot for the asset.
  2. Base user groups, who accelerate the dissemination of the asset about their environment are formed in various countries.
  3. The profitability of the asset is enhanced.
  4. Asset creator's international profile is raised.
  5. Asset value itself is increased.

ATIV solution provides the perfect means to divide these assets in the form of NFTs, then to distribute the divided assets transparently and fairly under the settled regulations of the smart contract. All the processes are identical to the way the existing IPOs are carried out with, and are transparently disclosed on the underlying blockchain, SOLANA. Furthermore, divided assets can be traded freely via exchanges with ATIV Token.

Copyright fees for music will be distributed to the wallets that own the NFTs. (Streaming revenue, performance and broadcasting revenue, etc.)


ATIV Token earn rewards during staked in the pool. The interest rate of ATIV token pool is indicatd fAPY.

β€»About fAPY(fiat money APY) : The minimum value of ATIV Token increases as asset distribution and trading invigorate. Check out the fAPY(fiat money APY) proposed by ATIV Team - a steadily increasing fiat-based compound interest dividend yield model! β†’HERE


2. ATIV Contracts


The ATIV solution an assembly of four organically interlocked smart contracts: ATIV Token, Copyright NFT, PublicOffering, and Vault.

ATIV Token

A collection of smart contracts for managing ATIV tokens operated on the Solana blockchain used in asset transactions and public offering processes, etc.

Copyright NFT

A collection of smart contracts to manage, such as issuance, division, and integration of NFTs used to transact, own, and prove offline intangible assets on the blockchain network

nft.gif nft@2x.png

Public Offering

A collection of smart contracts that transparently carry out the asset public offering process, the core process of the ATIV solution offering.gif


A collection of smart contracts that act as an escrow to safely and reliably store ATIV, copyright NFT, etc. within the public offering process



3. ATIV Music IP

To demonstrate the utility of ATIV, music copyright might be one of the best candidates to start with. Indeed, we have secured a number of pretty sexy copyrights for the initial operation of ATIV, including some OSTs of Korean dramas that generate stable and steady income. These particular songs have occational chances of revenue increase during re-runs and airings in other countries.

We plan to distribute some of these music copyrights sequentially during the SOLANA IGNITION period.

Check out the target music and schedule!

β€» This is a music copyrights public offering held on a testnet. You can participate in the public offering via ATIV(Demo) Token. The copyright NFT won from the public offering will be well compensated in the form of Airdrop after the SOLANA IGNITION, with the official launching of ATIV on main net.

β€» ATIV(Demo) Token is distributed FREE during the SOLANA IGNITION. Check out the Token section in our homepage! β†’HERE

Offering Schedule

Oct 19, 2021 @ 11:00am ~ Oct 21, 2021 @ 11:00am (PDT) : HA JIN - We all lie(Sky Castle OST) β†’ Listen on Youtube

4. Plans for service expansion


  1. Using the SERUM's orderbook matching engine, build a stable and expandable NFT on-chain P2P exchange equipped with user-friendly UX.
  2. Proceed initial sales of ATIV tokens using RAYDIUM's AcceleRaytor(IDO), then build a liquidity pool for the liquidity provision of ATIV token.
  3. On SOLEND, a SOLANA based lending protocol, deposit SOL, ETH, BTC, USDC, USDT, etc. as collateral to lend ATIV token for additional profit opportunities via participating in public offerings, token staking, etc.
  4. Provide real-time price of ATIV token by utilizing real-time on-chain market data provided by the PYTH network, in order to calculate and distribute the dividend incomes and rewards obtained by owning NFTs and ATIV token pool staking, respectively.

5. Market Entry Strategy


Step1 - K-pop, Korean Drama OST Market

  • Securing K-pop music using the network of advisors and partner producers. More than 300 songs have been secured so far!
  • Participated in Idol D's 4th mini album production and secured copyright priority.
Examples of copyrights secured by the ATIV team

HA JIN - We all lie(Sky Castle OST) β†’ Listen on Youtube

Gummy - Fade Away(100 Days My Prince OST) β†’ Listen on Youtube

Baek Ji Young - See you again(Mr. Sunshine OST) β†’ Listen on Youtube

Step2 - J-pop Market

  • Sponsorship: K-pop major label's Japanese idol development project (2022)
  • Partnership: Content production and distribution company / β†’ e-motion Co. Ltd

Step3 - Global Market

  • Target to enter the US and European markets by the first quarter of 2023

6. ATIV Timeline

  • Rabbit Hole(2021. 03)
  • Team Build(2021.05)
  • ATIV Blueprint Planning(2021.07)
  • Make ATIV White Paper(2021.08 [ver.01])
  • ATIV Demo Token Release(2021.10. SOLANA IGNITION period)
  • Demo Offering (2021.10. SOLANA IGNITION period)
  • ATIV Token Release (2021.11 Expected)
  • Public Offering Platform Release(2022.01.Expected)
  • Copyright Trade Market Release(2022.02 Expected)

Meet Our Team

We await any form of suggestions and/or feedbacks!

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- E-mail :
- Twitter

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posted an update

Our demo offering has FINISHED successfully. A total of 785 tickets tickets were issued in this demo, with a competition ratio of 1:13.08 We are delighted to get a lot of interest - lot more than we expected!!!

The results will be announced on October 22 at 11:00 AM(PDT). After that time, Copyright NFT will be sent to the wallet that owns the Winning Ticket.

Thank you!

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posted an update

[Update] We have received feedback : It is difficult to know whether a ticket has been successfully issued.

We apply updates to reduce this confusion.

Now - when you connect your wallet, you will see the successfully issued Tickets at the bottom of the Public Offering section.

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posted an update

Sorry for the late notification. Some features kept getting into trouble, so we've decided to open the page without them. The offering will be opened for two days. We will do our best to add those features before closing.

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posted an update

OMG... We found a minor issue. This is not fatal, but expect it to degrade the quality of the demo. I'm so sorry, but the offering start will be delayed by 2 hours. We'll get the DEMO going soon and for sure. Sorry.

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