We started out thinking about our other late night projects... dreaded research projects! Long nights slaving away at long paper trying to find links from a month ago to try to remember every detail for the final essay. It didn't work well for us, and we don't think the system works well for other people either.

What it does

We wrote a chrome extension that summarizes articles for quick reading, then provides related links for further research. The chrome app also stores the links for later reading, to keep the project on track and all in one place. A new feature is the perpetual add button, that stays with you no matter what page you go to. This allows for easy adding of websites to current projects and constant access to the information about every site you need.

How we built it

This chrome extension was built off of javascript, html, css, nodejs, webpack, and firebase. Javascript/html/css runs the front end with the popup. Webpack increases efficiency, optimizing our code. Firebase serves as a backend, storing our data.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we ran into included attempting technologies we have not used before. We struggled early on with React native before pivoting to a more web-based idea. We had struggles with get and post requests, and data storage. Finally, we worked very hard to get a UI that is natural and easy to use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of our UI, front our floating button that follows you, to the sleek drop-down that gives an easy overview of captured links and amassed information. These features make for a seamless and easy to use experience that we believe will make our project more impactful and helpful.

What we learned

We learned many new technologies, and how to work in a large team. We also learned how to persevere through our struggles and continue onward to success.

What's next for Atium

The next step is citations for websites that are stored by Atium. This is a whole new challenge due to the variety of edge cases, and we did not tackle this problem due to the large scope of it.

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