I used to own a community server on discord and soon realized that it's very hard to keep servers active, people leave frequently because they aren't enjoying the server usually because of lack of activeness and member engagement with community. I spent my time learning python and built a bot to assist me in creating a active community, I loaded it with mini-Games, event Builders, etc. In starting it was going to be a private bot for my own server but as I started to add more features, I thought why not make it public and that's what I did. It was planned to be a basic topic/truth/dare supplier in starting but then as my skills grew I started to design other features which are not so common. It was a success and I'm proud of my project.

What it does

Many owners and server admins struggle in keeping their community active, Catering to this issue, Athix was made with one single aim of aiding server activity and ensuring that your server looks professional and modern.

How I built it

I made it using library. It was hard in starting because I was coding for the first time but then I grew used to it and made a lot of features which I am proud of.

Challenges I ran into

Challenges are part of every new thing we try and obviously I ran into a lot of challenges, It was a valuable experience and has made me a better programmer.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of my global chat, banner generator, last letter event builder and almost every other feature which took my time and dedication.

What I learnt

I learnt a lot in python, I acquired the knowledge of how to maintain databases and keep the project clean and simple.

What's next for Athix

A journey that never ends isn't a journey, It's a hell loop. Athix will keep having updates until it faces a dead end which I would like to avoid at any cost, just like every other good thing, Athix may come to an end someday, but the day has not yet arrived.

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