We've all seen those games that you can control with your voice, but we wanted to make a game you control with your face!

What it does

SmileRun captures your face and calculates how happy, sad or neutral you are and moves your character accordingly. If you're happy, your character will jump! If you're down, your character will duck. Use your face as the controls to beat the SmileRun obstacle course!

Backup link:

How we built it

We built a web application using HTML, CSS and Javascript. We utilized Ajax calls to communicate with the Microsoft Emotions API and analyze their results in order to interpret the user's expressions to control their character.

Challenges we ran into

We had a hard time figuring out exactly what procedure we should use in order to communicate with the Microsoft API. In fact, we had an entire Python server set up before realizing we could just use Ajax calls directly to the API. Additionally, we had trouble with the format of the pictures taken by the webcam; it was our first time working with Blobs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the fact that we made our way around Javascript, a language we had barely touched before. Additionally, we were very proud to be able to work with interesting APIs such as Microsoft's Cognitive Services, and actually produce a working game. Most of us made our first completed hackathon project, and are excited to demo for the first time!

What we learned

There are many methods to achieving the same goal, and learning more and more allows us to choose the most efficient path in the future. Never give up on your code; if you can imagine it, you can code it!

What's next for SmileRun

We hope to implement these features in the future:

  • new graphics for characters instead of just blocks
  • polish UI/UX
  • picture gallery option to save your funny faces
  • competing with friends online
  • increasing difficulty/speed
  • a way to actually win the game (?)
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