As per the survey results, the average American adult will waste 6,180 pounds of food in their lifetime. Uneaten food thrown into the dustbins of American life accounts for a staggering amount of waste according to a new study that found the average American wastes about a pound of food per day. Not only food, other resources like books, utensils which might be useful to someone else get wasted by the people around us. After seeing the statistics, we realized the need of a common platform to share a shareable resources among our community because sharing is caring and bring our community closer.

What it does:

With this aim we have created a webapp where users can register and sign in to share there resources if they feel it might get wasted. Non profit organizations, educational institution for underprivileged children, shelter for homeless people and restaurants can also register with the app. Restaurants and community people can post about the extra resources they have and then as soon as they post, it will trigger an email notification to all the institutes or organizations have in queue requests for the same or requested it in past. This is done matching algorithm implemented at the back-end as per the needs of receiver. Then, organization in need of the posted resources can claim it via an app. They can assign their local volunteer to collect the same. It will also notify the donor who will be coming and when to pick up what they are offering.

How we built it:

We have implemented matching algorithm and collaborative filtering to match the Non-profit organization in need of specific resources with the donor so that whenever donor posted something it will show on up to the receiver on top according to their requirements. We have used UiPath automation to send email notifications as soon as the new post is made by the donor. It follows the SMTP process in UiPath and then we have linked it on UiPath cloud via Orchestrator. Robot is created on Orchestrator and added to the environment. For navigational purpose, we have used Google's Geocoding API and Places nearby API. Also, we are storing our users, restaurants and Non-profit organizations details on Google Cloud Platform, Firebase. Authentication for login into the app is also happening via Firebase.

Challenges we ran into:

Technical and hardware challenges, which includes the possibility to implement Chemical and Bio-sensors for quality control of food. Used UiPath for the very first time so it took lot of time to establish connectivity.

Accomplishments that we are proud of:

Able to connect community and bring all members closer while serving for a good cause via Shareon. Proper Food management which leads to decline in food wastage. Get to learn new technologies like Uipath email automation, Orchestrator, Github management and several new Google's API. And also team coordination and management.

What's next for ShareOn:

Ability to Connect with Sensors: Adaptable to connecting with other hardwares in order to increase search result accuracy. Alert Functions: Notify users when sensing factors UI Design: Streamline aesthetic of the screens, and ease of user experience

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