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Not everyone gets the chance to attend Hackathons and definitely not all the activities that are available during the event! Well, now you can attend AthenaHacks virtually through textual attendance!

What it does

Go through an entire day at AthenaHacks by choosing what you want to do throughout the event. Be careful though! Certain choices will lead you to either win the hackathon or lose the hackathon!

How we built it

This game was built using Unity and programming in C#.


With only a two man team and 24 hour limit, we didn't want to aim too high and not finish anything but we also wanted to have fun with this so we thought making a simulator was the best option. Besides, who doesn't like a little inception? (In the game, you (the player) decide to make the AthenaHacks Sim game)


There are three different endings to this game! If you choose the wrong path, you'll eventually get lost at USC and not attend the hackathon at all! Or, if you choose the right path, you can either win or not win at the hackathon depending on a random generator. Better be lucky for your chances at winning!

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