When happiness strikes, you can remember what made you happy. It is important to daily express gratitude. Remember what made you happy and jot it down on this happiness app. We were inspired by the amount of happiness the smallest things can bring you, and how useful those doses of happiness can be on the darker days.

What it does

The "What makes me happy?" feature let's you remember your happy thoughts! Input a subject and a photo of your subject. Athena's Happiness creates a list of your entries. The "Help me smile" feature lets you input a joyous subject and quickly search up images on Google's search engine. It aims to pull a random image from a database to give you a random burst of joy.

How I built it

We used Android Studio to build the mobile app, using their interface to design UI and Java for the back-end. We started also trying to integrate a single SQL database from Microsoft Azure.

Challenges I ran into

A lot of the tutorials were outdated. The API we were trying to use had tutorials with expired or obsolete instructions. Jumping from tutorial to tutorial with various information made for slow progress. Most of the team was unfamiliar with Android Studio. We had trouble with the syntax and trying to link the different Activities together.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Most proud of getting the google search engine integrated into the our mobile app. Ideally we would like the user to see search results based on whatever random happiness bringer was chosen, but for now you can search of pictures of dogs as an example of a user who finds happiness with their dog. We learned Android Studio! We all helped each other when we were stuck and we all learned together!

What I learned

We learned so much about android development and utilizing Android Studio specifically. It also helped us with one of the top skills necessary for Computer Science...finding information online and compiling it into a product.

The vision

Our vision was to document your daily doses of happiness and provide a pick-me-up for the darker days.

What's next for Athena's Happiness

We would like to clean the interface. Possible new features that we can add are daily gratitude journal entries and a feature that would generate specific activities the user can do in their own area to further increase their happiness. In the near future, we would like to upload Athena's Happiness onto the Google Play store and possibly code the app in Swift and upload it to the Apple app store.

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